February 23, 2010

Fashion's Night Out on CBS!

The buzz around the fashion world today has been the confirmation that Fashion's Night Out will be broadcast on TV. A documentary style behind-the-scenes program will air on CBS a few days following the event in the Fall, focusing less on fashion and more on the day-to-day work of pulling off this grand event. I'm certain we'll get an inside look at the planning, preparation and execution of the the event. Just imagine ... Anna Wintour and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg strategising over traffic patterns for getting from Bergdorfs to Saks.
Jokes aside, this is great publicity for what I believe is a good cause. The economy has hit the fashion world really hard and that affects more than just the fancy designers who have their names on labels. Think about the seamstresses, assistants, IT, maintenance and I could go on. So if I have to shop until my Amex card is setting off smoke detectors to save their jobs then I will.

The program is scheduled to air on September 15th at 8pm. Setting my DVR in 3...2...1

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