January 24, 2011

The start of a new journey ...

Did you miss me? I certainly missed speaking to all of you.

Unfortunately I had to put Style+Saveur on hold for a while to deal with life. With the move to a new apartment, building and managing a new budget to afford/furnish said apartment, the birth of my nephew and a new job where I had to prove myself in a way I never have before, everything else in my life began to suffer.

And I'm not just talking about posting and tweeting to all of you. My ability to take care of me suffered as well. Having finally made it on the path to crafting my best life (thanks Oprah!) I slammed on the breaks, put the car in park and began to focus on everyone but me. To that I say no more ... not me, not today. How can I inspire you to live your most stylish life, if I can't do it myself?

When the clock struck 12:02am on the first day of 2011 I resolved to break out of my (style, workaholic, bad eating habits) rut and live my most stylish life possible. It's taken me a few weeks to get it together, but I can honestly say I have shifted back into drive (even if I'm only going 30 miles per hour.)

With this shift in thinking comes a new approach to this blog. I spent so much time last year trying to be a fashion blog instead of sharing with you my personal philosophy on style, which is the reason I started Style+Saveur in the first place. So instead of focusing only on fashion (I'll still cover it!), I'll also talk about the other aspects of stylish living - home, beauty, entertaining, finance and personal growth. This is a journey ... my journey, and I'm inviting all of you to join me and maybe make your life a bit more stylish too.

PS: Yes, I am a SATC super fan! After writing this post and posting that image, I plan on going home and watching the first movie for the millionth time.