August 16, 2010

The Look | The Military Jacket

The Fall season brings a continuation of the utilitarian trend that dominated the summer (yes you can continue to wear your skinny cargos into the fall) and the military style jacket is a key item to add to your wardrobe.

The jacket is typically shown in the form of an anorak (as evidenced below), but you can also find blazers, capes and leather options as well. Pick up a piece in the signature army green and look for jackets with military accents in navy or black.

While DKNY Jeans showcases their Fall collection with layer upon layer of military chic, both GAP and J.Crew have done a wonderful job of showcasing the versatility of the army jacket. Don't be afraid to pair it with a sleek pair of pants or, for the truly fashion forward, a sequined dress.

I just ordered an army green parka from ASOS that I cannot wait to begin wearing. Here are some great options at varying price points to incorporate into your own fall wardrobe:


  1. Really nice choices. I bought a black military jacket from Macy's Inc brand at the end of last winter, and look forward to wearing it this fall. It's a different look than I normally wear, but I like the idea of mixing it with classic pieces. Great post :)

  2. The DKNY military trend ads are so up my alley... :-)