March 2, 2010

Runway Report | Dolce e Gabbana FW 2010

The Dolce e Gabbana show opened with a short video of the designers crafting and fitting the looks in the collection, a behind the scenes look at the creative process and an introduction to the collection - Sicilianità, Sartorialità, Sensualità (Sicilian, Stylish, Sensual.)

The video continued as the first models took to the runway in basic black suiting. If anything the jacket was the key piece of this collection, paired with lingerie style camisoles, slim pants and sheer pencils skirts. I was surprised to see so many suits, but there were several options in including knit versions and Chanel-style boucle. Lace was another key element, appearing as accents or full on in impeccable dresses and skirts. A super short houndstooth wool skirt with lace trim appeared and I immediately fell in love. Bursts of florals were featured on dresses and coats.

The mostly black collection did feature some splashes of color with pleated and draped velvet dresses in deep red and forest green, red and gold satin shifts, and bright colored under-dresses paired with black lace. There were also some fun and sexy pieces - coin covered rompers and jackets, lots of hotpants, sheer skirts, leopard print in skintight dresses and corset tops (often paired with the polka dot skirts).

Can't forget accessories as several models came down the runway with a new take on the doctor's bag - black leather with coins or fur trim, all-over camel colored fur. LOVE them.

The show ended with what I thought was a fitting tribute to all of the people who worked on the collection, shown on the video screen for all to see as the last model walked off the runway. The finale showcased every model, dozens of them, in a blazer and hot pants as they walked off the runway (including Chanel Iman and French Vogue cover girl Rose Cordero.)

Theatrical and technically beautiful, I loved this collection. It definitely is a departure from the more overtly sexy collections of the past, but its still classic Dolce e Gabbana in the details. There's so much of this collection that I would love to own for Fall.

Photos courtesy of The Cut.

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  1. Love Dolce, they really know how to flatter a womans curves!